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जयपुर से देश के घर घर तक ! | How a Jaipur’s startup Indibni, was chosen to be the face of Amazon in India.

जयपुर से देश के घर घर तक !

How a Jaipur’s startup Indibni, was chosen to be the face of Amazon in India

Business Summary
Indibni® is a leading Indian Indigenous Content Production company. The seeds of this brand were sown in the soil of Jaipur in the year 2012 by Nitin Jain & Ankit Jain. Three 'I' in our name, stands for our commitment to our country: India, Our Industry: Innovation & Ourselves: Individual. Inspired by the roots of India we strive with a mission to Design for Life.

Indigifts® is an Exuberant Brand of Timeless Expressions. We encapsulate all the emotions for every important relation, around events from valuable days like Valentines’ Day, Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day to festivals like Raksha Bandhan, Deepawali, Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, etc. We started with 500 products with a monthly average of 20 to 40 orders; today our catalogue has expanded to envelope 15,000+ products and we process nearly 18,000+ orders in a month via various online marketplaces and our website

We have designed some exclusive souvenirs for Celebrities like Bachchan Family, Oscar winners, Royal family of Mewar, Industrialists like Mr C K Birla (Chairman, C K Birla Group), Mr Gautam Sinha (CEO, Times Internet), Mr C P Gurnani (CEO, Tech Mahindra) and many others. We are acknowledged by many leading print and digital media platforms like YourStory, Hindustan Times, Dainik Bhaskar and many others. Amazon India recognized our success story and chooses us for their campaign all around India. 
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Journey So Far
The journey of founding Indibni has been thrilling, adventurous and memorable so far. It is the result of multiple strenuous explorations and efforts that have given us the feeling that life is just like a roller coaster ride with unpredictable highs and lows.

 “I met Ankit in the year 2006; we both were pursuing UG in Animation & Multimedia at Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra (Jaipur Campus). Our college not only gave birth & nurtured our startup ideas, but also in that campus, we failed, stood up & grew up together. There is a saying in our regional Marwari language - थारे बिना बणे नीं, थारे बिना सरे नीं, in simple terms we were like Tom & Jerry, over the time we developed this understanding of –  “ I Think, You Execute, Let’s Do it.”

Over time, one thing leads to another, the idea of indibni came to life in 2012, and we started with Branding & Designing services. In 2014 we launched our product vertical, by the name of Indigifts and till date, we are evolving. At our Jaipur HQ, we have an amazing team of nearly 50 young, dynamic & like-minded people, who enable us to reach millions of people of India, Indian diaspora and beyond. We have open office culture and people eat, play and celebrate life together.

What Makes Us Special?

Well, we all talk about the generation gap, but one of the things that remains unchanged is deep familial bonds among Indians. Young India loves to celebrate these bonds and relationships with some quirky and not-so-traditional gifting options. Indibni blends the feelings with trends while keeping the true essence of every relationship that India is proud of, be its parenthood, siblings, life partnership or any true relationships.

For instance, a wall hanging that says Mummy da Dhaba : 24x7 open, to coasters with light-hearted quotes featuring typical Dad Dialogues down the ages (Baap Hu Main Tera, Office Se Aate Huye Kya Lau?). Love Activity book (21+ out of the box, romantic ideas/acts for couples) and Love Coupons (wife/girlfriend can earn coupon stating - Your credit card is mine for one whole day and husband/boyfriend can earn coupon stating - I will party all night with my boys etc), Bhukkad, Kamina, Saccha, Manmoji  Badge Bands  which can be used as friendship bands or Rakhis; Seed Rakhis (Handcrafted organic rakhis, which turns into plants when sowed in soil) and thousands of products with Story + Utility + Quality + Personalize to Relation.

Not your typical gifts for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentine's day, Mother’s Day, Raksha Bandhan, Diwali right?

The Future of Possibilities

Indian culture and ethos are the roots of this growing tree, named Indibni. They drive us and motivate us to be the harbingers of the Incredible India traditions and relations in this growing individual-centric world.
Let's have a look at facts and figures:

“Today, the Indian gifting market is pegged at $30 billion, of which the digital space accounts for only around $400 million. As per latest NASSCOM- PWR report, With 846 Mn internet users, India’s e-commerce market will grow at 25 per cent over the next five years allowing the industry to exceed $100 billion value by 2022. That’s one half of the story. The other half is that as a player we have a strong understanding of the market segment and have been able to engrave deep footprint in the gifting space”

To sum up the story, there’s fertile land for growth and we are positive that Indibni can maximize on that opportunity. We love what we do and aim to make Indigifts, India’s biggest relationship based gifting brand by 2022

We believe great Institutions like our college Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, sows rights seeds & ideas and alumni organizations like BITOSA Global, extend great support to nurture ideas into giant trees. We are grateful to our alma mater, mentors and seniors who inspire us to Keep Moving Forward. 


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