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Pehla Sukh - निर्मल मन, निरोगी तन

Despite the difficulties and the challenges that would cause the most to give up,
there are few who dare to think of the well-being and the care for others,
and devote them to the service of society & mankind.

This post is about a woman, who suffered from cancer, but after that, she is not only living her life to its fullest but also inspires many with a different perspective towards life.

In the year 1999, a woman came to know that she is having cancer, and it's difficult for her to survive, as the operation was risky & there was no permanent cure at that time, then she smiled and said:

“Don’t worry doctor I already had 6 operations,
this would be nothing, just an addition to that number”.

She survived and it took 3 years to recover completely, while there was only her willpower that saved her and gave her the strength to overcome.

After that, she decided to devote her life to the cancer patients. Her motive was to break clutter and misconceptions in the society & to spread awareness. She learned Yogasan & Pranayam, Acupressure & Natural Healing Techniques & started practising hard, after that she also got the blessings and training from India’s revolutionary Yog Guru Swami Ramdev.

She started camps & training for lay people & students, and over the years she has conducted hundreds of shivir and trained thousands of people. She was the First Female Yoga Trainer from Ajmer and in the year 2008, she was awarded as the Best Yoga Trainer in Rajasthan from Patanjali Yogpeeth, Haridwar. Meanwhile many hands came together to support her mission & the movement travelled across many cities.

In 2010, she joined Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, Jaipur as a Social Worker and Executive Member of the Cancer Care Unit. She is also a Life Member of Jaipur Cancer Relief Society,  SMS Hospital, Jaipur and Birla Cancer Women Society.

From the last 18 years, she is devotedly doing her duty by organizing camps and helping cancer patients by sharing her experience and motivating them to not to be afraid that to face it with courage and will power, and to do it in a more structured manner with a broader scope, She initiated Pehla Sukh - A social SME that promotes conventional healthcare solutions like pranayama, yoga & acupressure with a motive to encourage and aware people for sustaining पहला सुख of Life i.e निर्मल मन, निरोगी तन (Healthy Mind & Body).

The woman above I described is none other than my mother, and I’m proud of her, because she is the source of my inspiration & strength, and today on her Birthday, I'm just trying to express what I feel about her.

Here, celebrities and rich people easily get the limelight & recognition, but there are many people in this society who just want to do selfless duty. They are real diamonds if society is ready to recognise them.
They are the one who travels beyond the boundaries and crosses the Limit of Sky.

as she always says :

बन सहारा बेसहारो के लिए, बन सहारा भ्रमित नावों के लिए,
तू जिया अपने लिए तो, क्या जिया, जी सके तो जी, हजारों के लिए |



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