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Hi5 Pa - Father's Day

NOTE 5: Hi5 पा

Hi5 Pa, hows you doing,
Its been 10 years now, many things have evolved in these years.

Many people came in my life, play their roles,
Some of those said fate is something beyond our command,
that destiny is not our own, But I know better...
Our fate lives within us. You only have to believe in it!
--------------------------------------------- Nj 20170615
NOTE 4: पापा की टाई

बचपन से देखा करता था, अक्सर पापा को लगाते हुए टाई,
सोचता था जल्दी से बड़ा हो जाऊँ और उस पर अपना कब्ज़ा जमाऊँ ..


सालों बीत गए है अब उन यादों को,
पर एहसास करता हूँ अब भी कुछ बातों को,

बचपन में सुनता था, आज की दुनियाँ पैसों से चलती है,
और हमारे कल के लिए पैसे कमाए जा रहे थे पापा,

सुबह जब उठता था, तब देर रात थके आये,
फिर से दिन भर काम पर जाते दीखते थे पापा,

घर में सब अपना लाड़ और प्यार दिखाते,
पर बिना कहे ही प्यार करते थे पापा,

कहते थे सब इनका ३६ का है आकड़ा ,
फिर भी मेरी हर ज़िद को पूरा करते थे पापा,

अंतर्मुखी स्वभाव और सपने ऊँचे थे मेरे,
पर उन्हें पूरे करने का रास्ता बताने वाले थे पापा,

मैं बेटा शब्द को सा…

Pehla Sukh - निर्मल मन, निरोगी तन

Despite the difficulties and the challenges that would cause the most to give up,
there are few who dare to think of the well-being and the care for others, and devote them to the service of society & mankind.
This post is about a woman, who suffered from cancer, but after that, she is not only living her life to its fullest but also inspires many with a different perspective towards life.
In the year 1999, a woman came to know that she is having cancer, and it's difficult for her to survive, as the operation was risky & there was no permanent cure at that time, then she smiled and said:
“Don’t worry doctor I already had 6 operations,
this would be nothing, just an addition to that number”.

She survived and it took 3 years to recover completely, while there was only her willpower that saved her and gave her the strength to overcome.
After that, she decided to devote her life to the cancer patients. Her motive was to break clutter and misconceptions in the society & to spread a…